Business Services

  • Retrium visit site
    A SaaS platform that allows companies to improve their "lessons learned" or retrospective processes.
  • VitusVet visit site
    VitusVet is a SaaS platform that helps veterinarians generate more revenue and increase customer loyalty.
  • Rybbon visit site
    Rybbon is an online platform for marketers to send & manage global e- gift campaigns like Amazon or Visa e-gift cards. Marketers use Rybbon to deliver rewards to hundreds and thousands of recipients.
  • Authentag visit site
    Authentag is a supply chain logistics software company that uses distributed ledger and artificial intelligence technologies to track, trace, and secure physical items as they move through supply chains.
  • User Interviews
    A user research platform that product and marketing teams can use to help their products succeed in the market.
  • 1776 visit site
    1776 is a global incubator and seed fund that helps engineer the success of the world’s most promising startups tackling important challenges in areas like education, health, energy & sustainability, and transportation & smart cities.
  • Upskill visit site
    Upskill’s Skylight delivers hands-free guidance for a hands-on workforce. Through the use of smart glasses and watches, Skylight guides employees through tasks without disrupting the flow of work, bringing the newest employees up to the level of the most experienced ones.
  • Social Tables visit site
    Social Tables is an event management software that allows for the quick creation of accurate floor plans, the management of seating and meal assignments, and a fast, reliable custom check-in product.

Government Technology

  • Repperio visit site
    Repperio’s technology solves data quality issues in federal contracting data, including entity resolution, in order to provide actionable analytics to help contractors bid more strategically and find the best teaming partners.
  • Seamlessdocs
    SeamlessDocs specializes in working with Governments to help them digitize and automate their operations, turning forms into fillable, smart & secure online versions that can be completed and eSigned from any device.


  • Babyscripts visit site
    Babyscripts is a pregnancy management mobile app that helps clinics provide patients with nutritional, medical, and lifestyle guidance, an exhaustive pregnancy resource guide, and vitals-reading tools to ensure safe readings.

Financial Technology

  • Kinetik visit site
    A HIPAA compliant technology platform for the Non-Emergency Medical Transport industry.
  • MPower visit site
    Provides education financing to highly-employable international students at top universities across the U.S.
  • Piper visit site
    Piper does away with the paper receipt. Instead, upon making a purchase, Piper automatically records and organizes users’ digital receipts in one central location in the Piper app.


  • Arcadia Power visit site
    Arcadia Power allows homes and businesses to switch to 100% wind energy in just five minutes, by matching their customers’ energy consumption with solar farms across the United States.

Mobile Technology

  • On Second Thought visit site
    On Second Thought is a mobile app that gives users an extra few moments to recall messages after they’re sent. Whether it’s a message accidentally sent to a boss that was meant for a spouse, or if auto-correct has made us look like a jerk, a simple swipe left can be the saving grace.
  • ArmorText visit site
    ArmorText provides a FIPS-encrypted text-messaging platform that allows seamless, secure messaging to enable regulatory compliance in industries with sensitive information, like financial services, healthcare, and the public sector.
  • The Crowd’s Line visit site
    The Crowd’s Line provides a platform for sports fans to make final score predictions, competing for ranking and prizes. These fan predictions are then pooled together through an algorithm that creates the “Crowd’s Line,” which yields greater accuracy than Vegas lines.
  • ID.me visit site
    ID.me makes trusted online interactions more convenient by providing a secure digital wallet in which to store all digital ID cards, allowing users to prove their identity and group statuses online.

Real Estate

  • Silvernest visit site
    Silvernest connects homeowners with individuals seeking a spare room. Using their proprietary matching tool, Silvernest matches homeowners with their ideal compatible housemate, and walks users through the process all the way
  • Eyrus visit site
    Eyrus uses RFID technology to track onsite trade resource data for the construction industry. This real-time, accurate data, combined with Eyrus’ predictive analytics, enables owners to effectively manage the risk

Travel & Transportation

  • Mobile Passport visit site
    The Mobile Passport app speeds you through U.S. Customs and Border Protection at 1 cruise port and 24 airports. This app is officially authorized by US Customs and Boarder Protection.
  • Transit Labs visit site
    Transit Labs enables the planning, building, and operation of the optimal transit network with the highest returns to a community and investors by leveraging a combination of mega consumer, OEM, and financial data.
  • Hitlist visit site
    Hitlist helps people travel more for less. Users tell Hitlist their desired trip length, destination preferences, and budget, and Hitlist’s intelligent filters find the best itineraries to help users know the optimal time to travel.

Food & Cuisine

  • Galley visit site
    A meal delivery service that focuses on freshness and convenience.
  • Misfit visit site
    Misfit Juicery helps fight food waste by turning misfit produce into juice. Misfit takes fruits and vegetables that are the wrong size, shape, or color to be sold at retail, and turns them into delicious nutritious cold-pressed juices.
  • Republic Restoratives Distillery visit site
    Republic Restoratives Distillery is an urban, small batch, women-owned distillery and craft cocktail bar in the heart of Washington, DC.
  • Venga visit site
    Venga helps restaurants better understand and engage with their guests by connecting the dots between guests and their purchases and
    unlocking the ability to provide personalized service, predictive marketing, actionable feedback, trend analysis, and integrated loyalty.
  • Dolcezza visit site
    Dolcezza is a gelato & coffee shop located in Washington DC, serving daily-made gelato & expertly crafted coffee drinks in 5 shops and several downtown farmers’ markets.


  • Wellthy visit site
    The next "Sephora of Wellness", a family of wellness brands anchored in plants as medicine. JRINK, an online juice subscription business, is Wellthy's first brand. Apothekary, aka the "online pharmacy of the future", is Wellthy's second brand.
  • Frey visit site
    FREY is turning the clothing care industry on its head, introducing a DTC line of socially-conscious clothing care and fragrance products tailored to men. They are bridging the gap between the immense and growing men's fashion industry, and the outdated laundry industry.